Production Marathon – October’16 Diaries

With this blog, we take the chance to keep our viewers updated with an account of the happenings in our studio. Past two weeks have been a marathon of production schedule. Our CG team and editors worked really hard in a design project where we conceptualized the entire Indian office design of the market leaders in peer to peer online marketplace of home-stay network.

We will be sharing the visuals soon as this was one of our most challenging project in terms of the amount of work Vs the crazy timelines. A three minutes 3D video was completed in less than two weeks from concept to final edit. Crazy work hours with some of us working round the clock while others catching up on some sleep on their computers but not a single one of us left for home in the final 7 days…render times like eternity and rounds of dailies to make sure there was no compromise with the detailing irrespective of what the constraints we were working under…A lot of lessons were learnt during the project, a lot of stress moments were faced within the team, with the client but at the end we all sailed through like we always do. And eventually all that matters is a happy client and a product that served its purpose.

We slept well after the delivery feeling accomplished and satisfied for having done what was considered impossible..we slept well knowing we had pushed our boundaries, we had expanded our horizons…we slept well knowing the client went home content seeing the product…

The product was very crucial for them and knowing that it served its purpose in their meeting made the entire marathon worth at the end…

A little note from the client speaks for itself –

Team P2H,

Just wanted to write you a little thank you note for the immense hard work put in by you to bring this project to a great finish.
We have all had our moments of tension, frustration, anxiety and despair but I am glad that we sailed through it all and gave our best to a product that was so crucial for the client. ‘Coz at the end all that matters is a happy client and a product that serves its purpose.

Salute your endless dedication and attitude.

Thanks a bunch.

Cheers to the team effort.