3D Box Generator – WebGL-Threejs Solution For Packaging Industry

It’s amazing how technology can improve customer experience in every industry. A good example is one such solution we built for one of our Denmark based client that’s into box packaging space.

It’s a mobile compatible 3D box generator built on WebGL and Threejs technologies for smooth integration into any web and mobile platform, works perfectly fine with all desktops, mobiles, tablets and on both android and iOS platforms. It lets the user punch in various different values for the length, width and height of the box as they desire and generate a 3D box to see the real time replica of the physical box of those dimensions.

image (3)

User can turn the box around in 360 degrees, zoom in and out of the box allowing them to inspect it thoroughly inside-out before placing the order for a customized packaging requirement of their choice. The product will be integrated into client’s website which is under development at the moment and a preview of the fully functional product will be up on our website soon.

It’s exciting to see packaging industry come forward with initiatives to imbibe technological solutions to improve their businesses, enhance customer experience and boost revenues in turn. Digital products like these that contribute to innovative packaging helps in avoiding waste and cuts down environmental damage by reducing the need of physical sampling by allowing the user an opportunity to see the exact product virtually.

We look forward to partnering with more packaging companies to make more such exciting products.

Until then,

Team P2H